Student Profiles

Name: Rob van Haaren
Department: M.S. Earth and Environmental Engineering
Hometown: Puiflijk, The Netherlands
Studying for his masters degree in earth and environmental engineering is something more than simply academic for Rob van Haaren. It is a journey.  
Name: Rodrigo Arnaldo Carrasco
Department: Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Computers use more power than they need, draining precious resources and straining budgets of industry and government.
Name: Carlos Henrique Ribeiro Lima
Department: Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Engineering
Hometown: Brasilia-DF, Brazil
Water is a give-and-take fact of life in Northeast Brazil, where natural disasters caused by deadly floods and droughts have become an annual ritual.
Name: Jun Wang
Department: Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Anhui Province, China
When Jun Wang was growing up in China, his parents wanted him to become a doctor, but his early interest in physics led him along the same path as his father, an electrical engineer.
Name: Maritza Johnson
Department: Ph.D. Computer Science
Hometown: Imperial Beach, CA
Maritza Johnson began college as a math major when she was an undergraduate at the University of San Diego. She soon found her true interests lay elsewhere.
Name: Lisandro Quiñones
Department: M.S. Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Lisandro Quiñones asked an engineering professor a question not long ago, and the answer changed the course of his life. 
Name: Jonathan Kyle
Department: Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Rochester, New York
Jonathan Kyle discovered his knack for engineering as a young child, when his parents bought him a toy roller coaster set – unassembled in a box, of course. “It took me months to construct,” says Kyle. 
Name: Jasmine Bridges
Department: M.S. Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Jasmine Bridges was inspired to become an astronaut by one of the worst disasters in the history of the U.S. space program. 
Name: Nina Tandon
Department: Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Roosevelt Island, New York City
When Nina Tandon was three years old, her father taught her how to pronounce orthopedic surgeon for the amusement of dinner guests. Fortunately for her and SEAS, Nina grew up to become an engineer instead. 
Name: Ignacio Cort Todoli
M.S. Engineering Management Systems
Hometown: Valencia, Spain
The career path that Fullbright Scholar Ignacio Cort Todoli is pursuing breaks new ground along a path first trod by his grandfather and father.
Name: Mitchell Morris
Department: Ph.D. Computer Science
Hometown: Harrison, New York
Mitchell Morris decided he wanted to become an engineer by using the same kind of methodical approach engineers use in their work.  
Name: Kira Schiavello
Department: M.S. Civil Engineering
Hometown: Saddle River, New Jersey
In her first months on campus, Kira Schiavello is already scaling lofty pinnacles. Her climb started with a chance conversation with a professor last fall.  
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