Update on COVID-19

All classes for the remainder of the semester will be conducted online and there are additional updates to campus and academic operations.

Given widespread community transmission in New York City, everyone must take crucial measures to keep the virus from spreading further. 

Celebrating Women in Tech

Ursula Burns MS’82, the first African-American woman to lead a Fortune 500 company, returned to campus as part of a special night launching New York City Women in Tech, an initiative devoted to leveraging the talent of women engineers as the city consolidates its place as a global tech hub.

Smart, Resilient Cities

From Columbia Engineering Magazine: Explore how our Faculty are working collaboratively to fashion a diverse set of strategies that foster healthier, better connected, more creative, and increasingly secure and sustainable urban environments.

Five Columbia Engineering Professors win NSF CAREER Awards

Their work, spanning a wide range of disciplines, carries extraordinary transformative potential. More
Mar 20 2020 | By Allison Elliott | Burke and Khodagholy Photo Credit: Jeffrey Schifman | Elmachtoub and Jiang Photo Credit: Timothy Lee Photographers | Nerurkar Photo Credit: Eileen Barroso

Compact Beam Steering Research to Revolutionize Autonomous Navigation, AR, Neuroscience

In three recent papers, Columbia engineers report the first demonstration of optical phased array technology on-chip at both near infrared and blue wavelength More
Mar 19 2020 | By Holly Evarts | Video Credit: Myles Marshall, Secret Molecule, Min Chul Shin, and Aseema Mohanty/Columbia Engineering | Figure 1 Credit: Steven Miller/Columbia Engineering | Figure 2 Credit: Aseema Mohanty/Columbia Engineering