Engineering for Humanity

Our vision for Columbia Engineering reflects our aspirations to bring about innovative research that has a positive impact on humanity—a sustainable, healthy, secure, connected, and creative humanity.

Mentoring Diverse Talent

In the lab, biomedical engineer Michael Sutton MS’18 PhD’22 works to alleviate debilitating illnesses stemming from low bone mass. In the bigger picture, as both scientist and advocate, he’s striving to build the bones of a more inclusive society.

Body Mechanics

Professors Christine Hendon and Kristin Myers sat down with Dean Boyce and a gathering of students for the latest faculty tech talk.

Secure Humanity

A Bridge to the 22nd Century

This year's Magill Lecture featured Jamey Barbas ’81BC MS’83, who oversaw construction of New York City's Mario Cuomo Bridge. More
Mar 22 2019 | By JESSE ADAMS | Barbas Photo Credit: Timothy Lee Photographers | Bridge Photo Courtesy Of Kevin Coughlin/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Robotic “Gray Goo”

Researchers at Columbia Engineering and MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab demonstrate for the first time a way to make a robot composed of many More
Mar 20 2019 | By Holly Evarts | Video Credit: Richa Batra, Shuguang Li, Jane Nisselson, Kyle Parsons/Columbia Engineering | Robotic Particles Photo Credit: Shuguang Li/Columbia Engineering | Light Source Photo Credit: Richa Batra, Jane Nisselson, Kyle Parsons/Columbia Engineering

Faculty Tech Talk: Debugging Bias

Three esteemed computer scientists and engineers joined Dean Boyce and a crowd of students for a faculty tech talk on how artificial intelligence can help More
Mar 14 2019 | By Jesse Adams | Chang and Hirschberg Photo Credit: Jeffrey Schifman | McKeown photo courtesy of Kathy McKeown