The Academic Calendar details the key academic and registration deadlines, as well as University holidays, for each academic year, across all… More
Academic integrity defines a university and is essential to the mission of education. At Columbia, you are expected to participate in an… More
The Administrative Mail team serves the administrative departments and offices of the University, including mail delivery, intercampus mail,… More
AISES is located in the School of Engineering & Applied Science of Columbia University. A registered graduate student group, AISES is open to… More
The Columbia University American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) branch is committed to participating in the annual AIAA DBF… More
AIChE is a pre-professional organization for the community of Chemical Engineers at Columbia University. AIChE's mission is to promote the… More
The Columbia University Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is a pre-professional club dedicated to all students interested in… More
ASME at Columbia University is a student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We host various events throughout the school… More
Explore the variety of arts opportunities and experiences around Columbia.
Provides ticket discounts and subsidies, as well as vibrant arts programming. ArtsLink is a concierge service for University faculty who want… More
The Columbia University Association for Computing Machinery was founded in hopes of showing the many facets of computer science and information… More
Whether you are a varsity athlete or an avid sports fan, Columbia has a proud history of achievement.
Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is the premier, broad-ranging professional organization promoting both research and education in… More
Inside Lerner Hall, the Bookstore offers in addition to textbooks, fiction/nonfiction, housewares, official apparel and accessories, and gifts.… More
Columbia University hosts several Career Centers that help students seek jobs and internships: * Center for Career Education (CCE) * Business… More
Located in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, the Center supports diverse research and education activities in probability and its… More
CCE staff establish connections and facilitate interaction among undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, employers, and… More
C2B2 is an interdepartmental center within Systems Biology whose goal is to catalyze research at the interface of biology and the computational… More
The Center supports interdisciplinary research in applied mathematics, economics, operations research, statistics, and computer science to… More
In Earth & Environmental Engineering, the Center conducts comprehensive environmental profiles of energy systems to help guide technology and… More
The interdisciplinary Center researches neurotechnologies and their role as enablers for studying neural systems, most notably the normal and… More
Free services include teaching consultations and observations; educational technology training and support; workshops and orientations; and… More
The mission of the Clinical Trials Office is to facilitate quality clinical trial research.
Columbia Data Science Society The Columbia Data Science Society is an organization of students from though out the university interested in… More
[EGSC RECOGNIZED] CEEC was created with the goal of fostering a community of engaged engineering students interested in energy topics beyond… More
A community for students who are interested in the financial market
The Columbia Genome Center is a specialized facility for advanced, high-throughput biomedical research.
The Columbia Latin American Students Society - CLASS - was originally founded in the Fall of 2014 with the purpose of initially bringing… More
An interdisciplinary community within Columbia University dedicated to supporting and developing research efforts in nanotechnology.
The Columbia Precision Medicine Initiative harnesses a breadth of scholarship to lead the global effort to increase the reach and significance… More
The Columbia Science Review (CSR) was formed in the summer of 2003 by Daniel Tannenbaum and Nan Ma, the founding Editor-in-Chiefs of CSR. … More
Columbia Technology Ventures helps facilitate transfer of scientific discoveries and innovations from the University setting to the marketplace.
Center for Precision Assembly of Superstratic and Superatomic Solids (PAS3)
The Center tackles the water challenges of a changing world where water and climate interact with food, energy, ecosystems, and urbanization.
The Compliance Hotline allows employees to report or seek guidance on possible ethical or compliance issues. It is available by phone,… More
The Center is a hub of research related to computer theory, including complexity, graph, learning, and algorithmic game theory, as well as… More
CORC researchers carry out advanced studies in the solution of difficult, large-scale optimization problems, with special focus on… More
The working group on Computational Social Science explores profound and urgent questions about how the information revolution will transform… More
The Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT) Service Desk and Walk-in Center are available for all Morningside faculty, staff and students.
Computing Systems for Data-Driven Science aims to explore the design, analysis and application of massive-scale computing systems for processing data
The US Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires all institutions of higher education, who receive federal student financial… More
Counseling and Psychological Services supports the psychological and emotional well-being of our students by providing counseling, consultation… More
Courseworks is a UNI-authenticated learning management system that offers a variety of tools and features in support of teaching, learning and… More
The Institute is training the next generation of data scientists and developing innovative technology to serve society.
The Data Science Institute at Columbia University is training the next generation of data scientists and developing innovative technology to… More
Data, Media & Society studies the ways in which data can be used to understand human behavior
We invite students, postdocs, faculty, and staff from all schools to participate in SEAS Design Challenges.
Our team provides meal plans, Dining Dollars and Flex accounts for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as on-campus eateries at… More
The Directory of Classes is a comprehensive listing of all courses at Columbia by subject and department.
[EGSC RECOGNIZED] The mission of Diversity in Graduate Engineering (DGE) is to provide academic and social support for historically… More