SEAS Research Grant Proposal Support

Submitting Grant Proposals through Columbia Engineering.


Rumana Ashraf
Manager of Grants & Contracts
Tony Schmitt
SEAS Grants and Contracts Manager
A PDF of specific support services offered by the Grants Managers is also available:

For questions or assistance with preparing your budget, RASCAL, or proposal, please contact Rumana Ashraf, Manager of Grants & Contracts, or Tony Schmitt, SEAS Grants and Contracts Manager.

Helpful Links:

Finding Funding

  • Columbia Research Find Funding Page: One-stop resource for finding links to federal agencies, non-federal funding, internal funding programs, private foundations, and a variety of other funding resources.
  • PIVOT: This is an extremely useful online system in which users can search both governmental and private funding opportunities.
    • Searches can be specified by grant type, research areas, scientific keywords and other parameters.
    •  To start using PIVOT, go to, and sign up for an account using your Columbia University email address.
    •  Once logged in, you can click “Profiles’ and search for you name. If found, you may claim your profile and edit the information if you like. To the right of the profile you'll find funding opportunities matching your profile as well as opportunities matching your dept. 
    • You can also click the “Funding” tab to create customized searches and receive regular emails with funding opportunities targeted to the specific areas you identify.
    • For additional information, please go to

Helpful Information

  • Columbia Engineering's 9-month GRA tuition rate charged to grants: $23,800 ($2644.44 monthly) effective 9/1/19-5/31/20. This is the rate used for govt grants with 62% IC and for industry grants with at least 35% IC (it represents 1/2 the full tuition rate of $47,600)
  • On-Campus Indirect Cost rate for Gov't grants:  62% (effective 7/1/18)
  • Off-Campus Indirect Cost Rate for Gov't grants: 26%
  • Indirect Cost Rate for all Industry/Non-Gov't grants: 35%
  • Fringe Benefit Rate for Faculty/Staff: 28.2% govt (effective 7/1/18; previously 30.3%); 31.50% non-government (effective 7/1/20; previously 31.25%)
  • Fringe Benefit Rate for hourly student employees (non-GRA): 8.15% for both government and non-government grants. Fringe is charged only for summer months
  • Minimum GRA stipend rate: $40,310 per year ($3,359/mo), effective July 1, 2019
  • For 2019-2020 Post-docs and Officers of Research guidelines, please see salary guidelines
  • Morningside DUNS: 049179401
  • EIN: 135598093
  • NIH Salary Cap: $192,300/yr (effective 1/6/19)
  • NIH GRA Stipend + Tuition Cap: $50,004