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Zamaan Hashmi

Zamaan Hashmi is from North Mankato, Minnesota, and graduated from Mankato West High School. He plans to major in Biomedical Engineering.

Zamaan Hashmi

Zamaan has conducted theoretical and applied research and given presentations on stem cell tracking and mapping, bioreactors, midbrain organoid development, and aptamer fluorescence sensitivity. He is working on a long-term project addressing the positionality of microfluidics and nanoparticles in contemporary biomolecular engineering. He has written papers about nucleic acid engineering, drug delivery, biomedical imaging, regenerative medicine, cancer therapeutics, and gait management that built upon his collaborations with professors in high school. For him, as biotechnology moves to smaller and smaller levels of operation, it is paramount to develop the regulated devices that could provide necessary medical information while preserving ever more sensitive bioethical norms. Zamaan has also participated in various International Business and Economics workshops and meetings with influential corporate leaders, both in New York and in South America, and has contributed to a number of startups.

In high school, Zamaan was involved in Knowledge Bowl, Math League, Speech, and Rube Goldberg Machine Contests and co-founded the school’s first Politics Club. Zamaan worked with students at multiple elementary schools and high schools in order to improve proficiency in math, biology, and physics through community centers and his own tutoring program and curriculum.

At Columbia, Zamaan’s extracurricular commitments have allowed him to express his passion for activism, community facilitation work, mentoring, and tutoring. He’s in love with all things basketball and spends his free time with books (Toni Morrison, Fred Moten), music (R&B), and New York City museums and restaurants.