Sharon Shu

Sharon Shu is a sophomore from Marietta, Georgia. She is pursuing a Biomedical Engineering degree and hopes to work in the biotech field.

Sharon Shu

Sharon attended the International Baccalaureate Program at Campbell High School, where she developed both a passion for engineering and a fondness for the humanities. In the summer after her junior year, Sharon conducted research in a materials science lab, modifying polymer solutions in order to increase the power conversion efficiencies of organic solar cells. In recognition of her work and consequent research paper, Sharon was honored as a semifinalist in the Siemens Competition.

Throughout her freshman year at Columbia, she interned in Dr. Lu's Biomaterials and Interface Tissue Engineering Laboratory. There, she worked with electrospun nanofiber scaffolds for improved culturing of periodontal stem cells as well as enhanced drug delivery systems. This previous summer, Sharon conducted silk protein research with Silk Technologies LLC in Minneapolis.

Currently, Sharon is working with hypertrophic chondrocyte differentiation for improved bone regeneration through an endochondral ossification pathway in Dr. Vunjak-Novakovic’s lab at the Columbia Medical Center.

When Sharon is not running between classes and the lab, she enjoys playing the guzheng, practicing wushu, and hunting for exotic fruits. Don’t be surprised if you see her lounging in a split while catching up on lithum readings.