Alex White

Alex White graduated from the Alabama School of Math and Science with concentrations in chemistry and mathematics. ASMS is a STEM-oriented public boarding high school on the Gulf Coast. At Columbia Engineering, he looks forward to spending four years probing the expansive depths of engineering and its role in improving lives worldwide.

Alex White During his high school career, Alex eventually realized his interest in engineering with an internship at the University of South Alabama under the supervision of assistant electrical engineering professor Dr. Douglas R. Isenberg. Over the course of his senior year, he used EagleCAD to make a printed circuit board for BeagleBone Black microcomputer projects of graduate students. Although Alex has a vested interest in Chemical Engineering, his electrical and computer engineering internship has sparked his excitement for interdisciplinary engineering studies at Columbia Engineering.

Alex also took part in a variety of extracurricular activities. He was captain of the chess team, captain of the varsity soccer team, an actor in school theater productions, played the saxophone in jazz band, and held a leadership position in student government. He also served as a residential life assistant in the dorms, where his job was to help accommodate new students, manage the dorm-cleaning system, and generate spirit and comradery on his residential hall. Some say it’s no coincidence DaVinci Hall has won the past two Hall Competitions.

In his spare time, Alex reads and plays video games. He is a self-proclaimed movie snob.