Aleksander Zieba

Aleksander Zieba graduated as a National Merit Scholar from Sayre School in Lexington, Kentucky. Having completed the STEM classes at his high school by his senior year, he enrolled at the University of Kentucky in order to continue pursuing mathematics and computer science.

Aleksander Zieba

Starting the summer after his freshman year, he participated in a project-oriented mentorship overseen by Dr. Jerzy Jaromczyk at the University Of Kentucky Department Of Computer Science. This involved studying topics such as database optimization, computer graphics, and software systems design.

He finished his mentorship the summer before his senior year and followed this with an internship as a Ruby on Rails web developer at Lexington’s local startup incubator Awesome Inc. At Awesome Inc, he obtained real-world development experience while seeing various aspects of entrepreneurship firsthand and building teaching material for the coding school Awesome Inc U.

His most recent endeavors have been within the realms of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. This past summer, he conducted research in the Columbia University Intrusion Detection Systems Lab, which is led by Prof. Salvatore Stolfo.

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