Sharad Sanghi

Sharad Sanghi is an industry veteran with over 25 years of extensive experience in datacenter, cloud services and internet backbone infrastructure. He founded Netmagic in 1998 with the singular vision of becoming India’s leading Managed Hosting Service provider. Sharad now serves as the Managing Director and CEO of Netmagic. He is considered a pioneer in the Indian cloud computing space, and his vision has helped Netmagic become a leader in the Public Cloud services market in India.

As 'the man on top', Sharad is well known for his passion and commitment towards building a customer focused service organization. Under his leadership, Netmagic saw 3 successful VC funding rounds with Nexus Venture Partners, Fidelity, Cisco Systems and Nokia Growth Partners. And in 2012, he led the acquisition of the company’s majority stake by NTT Communications Japan.

Prior to Netmagic, Sharad worked for Unified Network Management Architecture Group at AT&T Bell Labs, the Backbone Engineering Group of NSFNET (ANS) and the Router Systems Development Group of Advantis (IBM Global Network). He has also helped organizations like Merrill Lynch and Bankers Trust design and deploy Wide Area Networks.

Sharad is an Electrical Engineer from IIT Bombay and holds a Master’s degree (Engineering) from Columbia University, New York. At present, he is also part time Director (in Advisory capacity) on the Board of Bharat Electronics Limited, a Government of India Maharatna company.