FEATURED STORY The Future. We're Working On It.

Professor Hod Lipson is imagining a future where robots can self-replicate and even self-reflect, creating the technology that can one day arm robots with a conscience. In molecular engineering, Tal Danino is engineering bacteria that can find their way into a tumor, sense the environment, and release a therapeutic drug to selectively attack the tumor—but not other tissue—in response. Electrical engineer Christine Hendon is innovating optical imaging techniques and coming up with novel spectroscopy instruments to provide heart surgeons with real-time data as they operate.

Pushing the Limits of Robotics

Engineers are not only thinking about our future with robots, but also aiming to solve the problems that are top of mind in robotics.

Erasing the Line between Imaging and Analyzing

As imaging and sensing technologies grow in both sophistication and accessibility, they do more than just gather data and produce images: They are research tools in their own right, providing scientists with the means to deepen our knowledge both about fundamental biological processes and about causes and progression of disease.

Conquering Cybersecurity

The challenges of maintaining cybersecurity are ever evolving. Computer scientists are working to fend off breaches and attacks, and, here, two professors tackle that with two distinct approaches—one focused on software security and the other on preventing hardware hacks.