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From sustainable advances, such as lithium batteries capable of storing clean fuel safely and abundantly to using biomimicry to inspire new products for curbing energy use, we are giving cities and industries the tools to keep the environment healthy. We are pioneering medical devices that could potentially restore hearing to millions, laying the foundation for secure computing, and doubling wireless capacity to driver greater connectivity without increasing bandwidth.

This work embodies our vision for Columbia Engineering; a vision which reflects our aspirations to drive innovative research that makes a positive impact—helping to create a sustainable, healthy, secure, connected, and creative humanity. Our vision, Columbia Engineering for Humanity, is true to our history as a School and is exemplified today by the diverse and pioneering work that our faculty and students are pursuing across departments and disciplines and in partnership with sister schools, institutes, government, and industry.

The Robot That Knows You Better Than You Do

Professor Agostino Capponi has two major projects in the fintech area: individualized robo-advising and ascertaining the social welfare costs and benefits of a central bank digital currency (CBDC)

Modeling The World

The world is a dynamic place, and so are financial markets, and any decision-making system worth its salt needs to be able to incorporate the impact of that constant movement into its calculus as it happens. Shipra Agrawal is developing a portfolio management algorithm that incorporates market shifts in real time.

What's Your Cybersecurity Rating?

Garud Iyengar and Vishal Misra are helping create a tool that assesses system vulnerabilities in order to standardize metrics for the nascent cyber insurance industry.

Creating a Level Playing Field for Investors

Allison Bishop

For Computer Science Professor Allison Bishop, fintech is an enabling technology, one that potentially provides the key to expanding access to financial services.

Taking The Long View

Armen Avanessians (MS’83), benefactor of the Data Science Institute directorship, heads the Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS) group at Goldman Sachs.

A Whole New Ballgame

Eric Poirier (BS’04), CEO of Addepar, is beyond bullish on the potential of fintech innovations to serve clients better.