FEATURED STORY The Celebration Continues

Not only is it a milestone year for Columbia Engineering, it is, indeed, a significant moment for engineering overall. As Dean Mary C. Boyce has said through the course of her inaugural year at SEAS, there is an Engineering Renaissance taking place, and the impact could not be more evident and more alive than at the Engineering School.


Discovery & Innovation: The Past & The Future

Columbia Engineering spotlights a cross-section of professors who, together with their students, are making a significant impact in the areas of personalized medicine, sensing and imaging, urban infrastructure, sustainability, communications, nanoscience, and big data.

Meet the Future—The Bold & Dynamic Students of SEAS

Columbia Engineering magazine offers a cross-section of the School’s exceptional student body, young engineers who are, right now, making their marks at Columbia Engineering, carrying on its legacy of innovation and excellence.

Room for Innovation—School Opens New Makerspace

All engineers need a place to tinker. At the newly opened Columbia Makerspace, students will be able to do that and more with a dedicated place on campus to collaborate, learn, explore, experiment, and create prototypes.

Big Data Research

Columbia’s Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering is launching three groundbreaking research clusters at the interface of data science and the natural sciences, funded in part by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.