FEATURED STORY Water, Energy, Climate: Columbia Engineers Tackle the World's Biggest Problems

When it comes to Earth and its ever-changing environment, engineers are faced with a world of problems to solve. Our researchers are looking at a range of challenges including climate and water risk, coupled with financial risk management; carbon sequestration; urban infrastructure design; and more. Here, Columbia Engineering highlights some of our faculty members whose groundbreaking research is chipping away at perhaps one of the most critical global challenges facing humanity today. video

Pay It Forward

At a time when women engineers are making headlines—and pushing back against a culture that hasn’t always embraced them—Columbia Engineering students are working to build the future.

Hands-On Robotics

As a boy, Matei Ciocarlie loved to build things—Legos were his favorite toy. Once he discovered robotics as a student, his path was set: Robots were the perfect conduit for giving computer programs a physical presence in the world.

Introducing a Biologically Powered Chip

Columbia Engineering researchers have, for the first time, harnessed the molecular machinery of living systems to power an integrated circuit from adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of life. video

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