FEATURED STORY  |  Columbia Engineering for Humanity

This spring, we unveil our vision for Columbia Engineering; a vision which reflects our aspirations to bring about innovative research that has a positive impact on humanity—a sustainable, healthy, secure, connected, and creative humanity. Our vision, Columbia Engineering for Humanity, is true to our history as a School and is exemplified today by the diverse and pioneering work that our faculty and students are pursuing across departments and disciplines and in partnership with sister schools, institutes, government, and industry.

Manipulating Sound with Building Blocks

Changxi Zheng and his team have developed algorithms to computationally optimize design for manipulating acoustic propagation in a wide variety of objects

Intelligent Drones Could Help Farmers Increase Yields Dramatically

Professor Hod Lipson has built a system capable of diagnosing the dreaded northern leaf blight in cornfields better and faster than human experts.

David Blei’s Machine Learning Algorithms May One Day Be a Tool in Doctors’ Kits

A team of Columbia and Princeton researchers led by Columbia Computer Science Professor David Blei and Princeton statistician John Storey has developed a new machine learning algorithm that can scan the enormous quantities of genetic data randomly dispersed across populations.

AI to the Aid of Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

Professors Kathleen McKeown and Julia Hirschberg are leading the development of a universal sentiment and emotion detection system that will enable disaster relief workers confronted with low-resource language to figure out who needs help the most, ideally within a day of their arrival in the region.

Injecting Emotion into the Financial Equation

Xunyu Zhou's vision of intelligent asset management combines behavioral finance, data analytics, and machine learning.