FEATURED STORY  |  Elisa Konofagou: Headway in Harmonic Health Care

Imagine if there were a way to detect early-stage cardiovascular disease or cancer without exposing a patient to potentially harmful radiation. Consider the benefits of a therapeutic application that could destroy tumors without surgery or stimulate motor control in the brain of a patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Elisa Konofagou, professor of biomedical engineering, and her research team are bringing these medical marvels closer to reality using the acoustic energy of ultrasound technology. video

Tinkering with Course Design

What does it take to make sure students of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) not only graduate technologically competent, but also are ready to take active roles in a dynamic workforce? The answer seems to lie in changing the way courses are taught.

Eat, Sleep, Collaborate: Res.Inc.

Res.Inc., the immersive Living Learning Center program, is giving Columbia Engineering students a head start on their entrepreneurial careers. Centered in Wallach Hall, the program gives students the mentorship and structures they need to get their start-ups off the ground while balancing a full undergraduate life.

Engineers Confront Ebola Epidemic

The real-life global problem: Ebola outbreak. The challenge: to develop low-cost, technology-driven solutions to meet the tremendous risks posed by the Ebola crisis. video