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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence touches every aspect of engineering at Columbia. Across our labs and classrooms, we’re using AI to imagine a sustainable, healthy, secure, connected, and creative future. Our researchers create neural networks that pilot driverless cars and autonomous robotics systems, write algorithms to help doctors identify disease-carrying genetic mutations, build models to help predict and discover new materials, and devise new tools to enhance trust and security in communication. We’re educating leaders who will bring humans and machines together to create new products, introduce new business models, and find as-yet-unforeseen avenues for their own creativity.


Robotic “Gray Goo”

Mar 20 2019 | By Holly Evarts | Video Credit: Richa Batra, Shuguang Li, Jane Nisselson, Kyle Parsons/Columbia Engineering | Robotic Particles Photo Credit: Shuguang Li/Columbia Engineering | Light Source Photo Credit: Richa Batra, Jane Nisselson, Kyle Parsons/Columbia Engineering
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