E.g., 08/20/2019
E.g., 08/20/2019
Blei cited for development of novel models and methods to explore, understand, and make predictions using probabilistic machine learning.
Jul 1 2019
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Findings shed new light on the nature of electron interactions in quantum systems and establish a potential new platform for future quantum computers.
Jun 25 2019
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Observational data of equatorial circulation pattern confirms that the pattern is weakening, a development with important consequences for… More
Jun 24 2019
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Computer scientists at Columbia Engineering have developed a new computing system that enables current, unmodified mobile apps to combine and… More
Jun 20 2019
After five successful years nurturing entrepreneurs from fintech to health care, the Columbia Startup Lab brought together faculty, friends,… More
Jun 19 2019
Twelve Columbia engineering students have been selected to receive graduate research fellowships from the National Science Foundation.
Jun 17 2019
Recent awards, recognitions, and accomplishments from our students and faculty
Jun 14 2019
Seven decades of Columbia engineers returned to alma mater for Alumni Weekend 2019, three busy days of fellowship, memories, and deep dives… More
Jun 13 2019
Lacker’s work focuses on probabilistic theory of mean field games
Jun 7 2019
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Columbia biomedical engineers use transcranial ultrasound and intravenously inject microbubbles to open a pathway through the blood-brain… More
Jun 6 2019