E.g., 03/31/2020
E.g., 03/31/2020
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Columbia biomedical engineers have designed a novel probiotic strain that after a single dose can seek out solid tumors and safely deliver… More
Feb 12 2020
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Columbia engineers and Harvard biologists discover that butterflies have specialized behaviors and wing scales to protect the living parts of… More
Jan 28 2020
Join us for a day of talks, networking, and poster presentations exploring the interface of engineering and medicine and the path from bench to… More
Jan 24 2020
Press Release
Columbia researchers use game theory to help policy makers create liability rules for accidents involving self-driving cars and those driven by people
Jan 14 2020
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Scientists establish new nanofabrication platform for directing nanomaterial components of different natures into 3-D arrays with prescribed… More
Jan 13 2020
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Columbia engineers invent a robotic trunk-support-trainer to retrain patients with spinal cord injury to sit more stably and gain an expanded… More
Jan 6 2020
Over his more than 16 years at Columbia as a lecturer and adjunct associate professor, he taught many classes and mentored hundreds of… More
Dec 18 2019
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Columbia researchers invent a new way to tune the properties of 2D materials by adjusting the twist angle between them
Nov 21 2019