Ying Jie (Jonathan) Bi

Born and raised in Beijing, Johnathan is now a junior studying CS at SEAS.

Ying Jie (Jonathan) Bi

From a young age, Johnathan had an affinity towards STEM having started coding at the age of 15 and participating in math competitions in high school (won gold medal in Canada in grade 9, qualified for CMO in grade 11).

He continued his affinity for engineering as well as building companies at Columbia, taking a leave of absence in his freshman spring to work on a startup he co-founded in high school as well as doing VR/AR research at Professor Steven Feiner’s 3DUI lab. In his sophomore summer, Johnathan shadowed the CEO of Shogun Enterprises (backed by 8VC and Founders Fund) in San Fransisco.

Under the influence of Columbia, Johnathan grew an affinity towards the humanities, specifically philosophy. He is heavily influenced by the 20th century thinkers Rene Girard and Ernest Becker as well as the eastern influences of the Prasangika Madhyamaka school of indo-tibetan Buddhism.

Johnathan places heavy influence on introspection having psychoanalyzed himself in a cabin in the woods on an island off the coast of Western Canada bringing with him a copy of Carl Roger’s “On Becoming a Person“ and attending a seven day silent meditation retreat. He is now turning that curiosity and analytical drive extrinsically and hopes to understand the world better through anthropology, sociology, economics, and psychology, identifying valuable business opportunities in the process.