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Suman Mulumudi

During his time in high school, Suman devoted himself to developing a digital stethoscope he invented called the Steth IO and a startup he founded to commercialize it. The Steth IO is designed to visualize heart sounds, thereby allowing the clinician to more confidently identify sounds which are difficult to hear. Under his leadership as CEO, the startup has raised significant capital, the Steth IO was granted Class II FDA clearance, and the manufacturing line has been fully prepared for production. For this work, he was granted multiple utility and design patents domestically and internationally, and has spoken at numerous conferences, including InnovateMED 2014 at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is also featured in two books: The Gen Z Effect by Tom Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen, and Ignite Your Spark by Patricia Wooster.

Saman Mulumudi

At Columbia, Suman is pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and his academic interests are primarily in neural networks and unsupervised learning. Pursuing this interest, Suman interned at TUPL, Inc. in the summer after his freshman year, where he developed and implemented unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms on T-Mobile’s network data to detect network errors. He is also a researcher at Columbia’s Computer Vision and Machine Learning lab, and is developing machine learning models to extract spatial information from audio.

During his free time, Suman is an avid bassoonist, and has played in the Cascade Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the Columbia University Orchestra. He also enjoys reading, biking, and has recently begun rock climbing and mountaineering in pursuit of his goal to climb Denali before he graduates.