Jessica Cheng

Jessica Cheng grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut before graduating from The Brearley School on the Upper East Side. She is majoring in Computer Science on the Applications track and minoring in East Asian Studies.

Jessica Cheng

During high school, Jessica pursued her love for STEM through Columbia’s Science Honors Program as well as by competing with Brearley’s Science Bowl Team. Jessica discovered an interest in computer science after an internship with Professor Vladimir Rokhlin of Yale’s Department of Computer Science, during which she learned and used Fortran to program mathematical algorithms. Jessica became fascinated with the intersection of business and technology through the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at AIG (American International Group).

The summer after her first year at Columbia, Jessica interned at a tech start-up as a Data Science Intern. As part of that internship, she utilized business intelligence tools to build reporting dashboards for retail clients and evaluate other tools in the market, wrote canned queries in SQL that provide clients with health metrics to assess the success of their loyalty programs, developed fraud detection algorithms to prevent users from falsely earning loyalty points through multiple account creation, and designed a purchase life cycle model that places customers into different loyalty buckets based on their purchase behavior.

This past summer, Jessica was a Natural Language Progressing Intern at Fidelity Investments, where she was the only undergraduate intern on her team. Her main projects during the internship included programming a multinomial naïve Bayes classifier to categorize call transcripts, determining areas of interest to improve a call routing training set by using k-means clustering, building data structures that feature engineer chat bot interactions for data scientists within the team, and creating a sentiment classifier to analyze negative user messages within the chat bot in order to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Academics and internships aside, Jessica enjoys exploring New York City’s plethora of artisan ice cream shops, discovering which cafés and museums are best to study in (as opposed to holing up in a library), and binge-watching reality competition TV shows.