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Guntaash Sahani

Guntaash Sahani, an Indian, of Persian descent, resident of Los Angeles intends to typify the intersection of science and humanities by pursuing  chemical and biomedical engineering with a minor focus in English literature.

Guntaash Sahani In order to counter the problem of lack of authentic data available to procure natural color, Guntaash conducted experiments in the small village of Basain, over a span of three years, to collect empirical date and create an instructional manual for obtaining over 75 shades of organic colors. She received recognition and appreciation from the Indian administration and the Institute of Carpet Technology, Badohi. At Columbia Engineering, she intends to further ease organic color production by devising an algorithm through computational mathematics and analysis based on the recurring pattern in her observations which directly correlates the mordant and vegetable concentrations to the particular shade of color. 

Guntaash combined the issue of disposal of frittered cotton for the hub industries in Mirzapur and the dearth of viable menstrual management options for women to formulate a single creative solution catering to both causes. She crafted sanitary napkins from the frittered cotton and provided xylem padding from the sap extracted by village contractors from abortive and age old trees. For her creation, she received the Innovation in Public Service and Program Category Winner Award. She also worked with the Labor Ministry of Uttar Pradesh to aid the villagers to continue to create the napkins in bulk by a systematic disposal and crafting procedure. 

Guntaash intends to employ her experience performing clinical trials at an integrated healthcare house, serving as the representative member of the Indian Manufacturing Drug Association, interning and training at the second largest disperse dye company in India to avail combating unmet clinical urgencies. 

Academically, Guntaash is the first runner of the All India UCMAS abacus competition. As an ardent national award winning writer, she has also engaged in professional writing and editing while serving as the assistant editor of the lifestyle magazine - Delhi Calling.