Audrey Lee

Audrey Lee is a junior from New York City pursuing Biomedical Engineering. She has worked with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to advance research on the effects of microgravity on mammalian cells, developed bionic hands for children, and conducts research on implantable medical devices. She aims to develop an understanding of patient needs and use her engineering skills to design technologies that improve the practice of medicine and biomedical research.

Audrey Lee

Audrey currently works at Dr. Samuel Sia’s Molecular and Microscale Bioengineering Lab at Columbia University Medical Center. She is developing implantable drug delivery systems to target various diseases. In 2018, she was a Research Intern at NASA Kennedy Space Center where she designed and developed 3D printed modules that enable live microscopic imaging on ground-based microgravity simulators. In addition, she investigated the effects of microgravity on mammalian tissue cultures as well as assisted in preparing science research payloads for use on the International Space Station (ISS). In the past, she was mentored by Dr. Aydin Farajidavar to build solutions for gastrointestinal disorders. She helped to develop an implantable system capable of recording gastric activities and delivering electrical stimulation. She co-authored “A Wireless System for Gastric Slow Wave Acquisition and Gastric Electrical Stimulation”, which was published in the 2016 IEEE Topical Conference on Biomedical Wireless Technologies, Networks and Sensing Systems (BioWireleSS).

Outside of academics, Audrey is a passionate advocate for women in STEM. Since 2013, she has been working as an intern and educator for GOALS (Greater Opportunities Advancing Leadership and Science) for Girls at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. She has empowered hundreds of girls and worked with children and families affected by autism. At present, she is a mentor for the GOALS for Girls Navigator Internship program, where she leads a project centered on chemistry, biology, and engineering solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Audrey was also selected to participate in The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) Global STEM Alliance mentoring programs. At present, she works with NYAS on enhancing various international STEM programs. Audrey has had the opportunity to share her projects and advocacy at multiple conferences and panels. She represented NYAS at the Gates 2016 Annual Letter conference with Bill and Melinda Gates and spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative 2016 Annual Meeting ( In 2017, she presented in Hangzhou, China at the US-China Dialogue: STEM and the Empowerment of Women conference on behalf of The Asia Society and NYAS. She has also served as a panel moderator at the United Nations where she spoke with innovators about technology for health and wellbeing ( In 2018, she was a speaker at the United Nations Equality and Parity in Science for Peace and Development conference. Audrey has also presented talks at Google New York and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum about her journey in engineering to inspire students in STEM.

On the side, Audrey has collaborated with engineers around the world on an open source project to build a 3D printed robotic exoskeleton to help a partially paralyzed girl. The device enhanced the girl’s physical therapy and helped her regain mobility. On campus, Audrey is a part of the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE), where she has helped to launch the first Sustainable Youth Initiatives High School Conference to inspire students in social entrepreneurship. She is also working to promote design, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Columbia community and beyond. In addition, Audrey has tutored students affected by the Syrian Civil War as a volunteer English Tutor for Paper Airplanes. She is currently the President of CU Speak, a linguistics and language exchange club, where she coordinates language learning opportunities, linguistics research presentations, and student volunteer language tutoring for Paper Airplanes.

Audrey has been swimming for thirteen years, leading her high school team to three consecutive city champions and qualifying for state championships. She loves hiking, creating art, writing for her blog, reading, playing the piano, and exploring cultures through the arts.