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Abhinav Kurada

Abhinav Kurada is a rising freshman from Littleton, Massachusetts. Through high school science pursuits and business endeavors, he became interested in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and the startup world.  At Columbia Engineering, he is planning to major in Biomedical Engineering while minoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In his undergraduate years, he will also pursue research interests in neural engineering and therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders.

Abhinav Kurada

Abhinav has always been set on applying his ideas to help advance society. As a high school sophomore, in his attempt to reduce the air pollution caused by the transportation sector, he partnered with two classmates and competed in the Siemens Environmental Challenge. They created an aerodynamic truck side view mirror, which had a 60% better drag profile than the best commercial model, and is projected to save over $1600 in fuel and prevent the release of over five metric tons of CO2 per truck annually. The team subsequently finished as National Finalists and won environmental engineering awards from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) and Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). As a junior, Abhinav also conducted quantitative research in Harvard University’s Biophysics Department regarding gene regulation in E. coli by sRNA.

Apart from engineering, Abhinav has been fascinated with the field of geography since he was in kindergarten. After finishing 5th in the National Geographic Bee in middle school, he was twice the high school national champion of the United States Geography Olympiad. As a junior, he was a member of Team USA and competed in the 2015 International Olympiad in Tver, Russia. Abhinav has also committed himself to improve Computer Science and STEM education in the New England region. In his sophomore year of high school, Abhinav co-founded a social enterprise, Landme, which helped over 10,000 students find summer opportunities and internships.  As a senior, he was the co-founder and sponsorship director of MetroHacks, a non-profit organization that hosted a high school hackathon bringing 250 students to Microsoft’s corporate headquarters in Cambridge, MA. 

Outside the classroom, Abhinav enjoys exploring different genres of music, volunteering at his local hospital, and competing on his school’s Quiz Bowl Team. Abhinav is also an ardent supporter of the New York Knicks and enjoys playing basketball, football, and tennis in his free time.

For more details about Abhinav’s ambitions and accomplishments, please refer to his personal website: http://www.akurada.tech