COVID-19 Response

The Columbia Engineering community has come together to combat the coronavirus pandemic on multiple fronts. In close collaboration with the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, we're leveraging our expertise and innovation to address short term medical needs and long term societal impacts.

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Summer Session 2020
As the University prepares for the start of the virtual summer session on May 26, the Columbia community should be aware of a number of operational updates. For the latest news on health advisories, Campus Services, University Libraries, and other activities, visit the COVID-19 Resource Guide for the Columbia Community.

COVID-19 Resource Guide | Summer Session

Celebrating Women in Tech

Ursula Burns MS’82, the first African-American woman to lead a Fortune 500 company, returned to campus as part of a special night launching New York City Women in Tech, an initiative devoted to leveraging the talent of women engineers as the city consolidates its place as a global tech hub.

Smart, Resilient Cities

From Columbia Engineering Magazine: Explore how our Faculty are working collaboratively to fashion a diverse set of strategies that foster healthier, better connected, more creative, and increasingly secure and sustainable urban environments.

SEAS the Summer

Columbia Engineering is offering courses, professional development, design challenges, and research projects online this summer. More
May 12 2020

Using Big Data to Design Gas Separation Membranes

Columbia engineers apply machine learning techniques to narrow down and speed up the development of new materials for removing CO2 from the air. More
May 15 2020 | By Holly Evarts | Photo Credit: Laura Murdock/University of South Carolina | Schematic Representation Credit: Connor Bilchak/Columbia Engineering