Wong Receives NSF CAREER Award

Chee Wei Wong, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded an NSF CAREER Award for $400,000 to study “Nonlinear and nonclassical optics in ultrahigh-Q/V mesoscopic cavities.”
Recent important advances in sub-wavelength nanostructures offer extraordinary control over the properties of light,” says Professor Wong. “In particular, we can now manipulate the propagation, storage, and generation of light, as well as practically prescribe—through geometry—the interaction of light with matter based on first-principles.”
Studies in nanostructured photonic crystal cavities afford strong light localization together with long photon lifetimes. These allow fascinating studies on nonlinear optics, such as photon-level all-optical logic and frequency conversion, on the CMOS chip-scale. Moreover, these sub-wavelength structures also allow the interaction with colloidal nanocrystals, such as toward weak and strong exciton-polariton coupling, for fundamental studies in quantum electrodynamics.
“If we can control the fabrication of structures smaller than the wavelength of light, we can use physical geometry of our sub-wavelength nanostructures to control light from first principles,” says Professor Wong. “This is a fascinating area with rapid advancements and much to examine and explore.

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