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NameTitleAreas of ConcentrationDepartmentsort iconAdditional Affiliations
Dimitris AnastassiouCharles Batchelor Professor in Electrical EngineeringComputational systems biology; Inference of biological mechanisms in cancer; Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Keren BergmanCharles Batchelor Professor of Electrical EngineeringOptical networking and communications: fiber optic networks, optical interconnects from chip-scale to data centers and high performance computing systems, photonic networks-on-chip, silicon nanophotonicsElectrical Engineering
Shih-Fu ChangRichard Dicker Professor of Telecommunications, Senior Vice Dean of Columbia Engineering, and Professor of Computer ScienceVideo Analysis and Search, Multimedia, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Electrical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringComputer Science
Daniel P. EllisProfessor of Electrical EngineeringAudio signal processing and classification, models of auditory processing, speech recognition, Music information retrieval, machine learning, Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Javad GhaderiAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringMathematical modeling and analysis of large-scale networks, primarily to study current problems in communication networks, wireless systems, social networks, and cloud computingElectrical Engineering
Tony HeinzDavid M. Rickey Professor of Optical Communications (Electrical Engineering) and Professor of Physics (Arts and Sciences)Nanoscale materials and their properties, light/matter interactions, and photonics; Micro devices and Physical Principles, Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Christine HendonAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringOptical imaging and spectroscopy instruments for applications in cardiac electrophysiology and interventional cardiologyElectrical Engineering
Pedrag R. JelenkovicProfessor of Electrical EngineeringNetworking and Communications: mathematical foundations of communication networks with emphasis on emerging services and traffic paradigms, Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Xiaofan (Fred) JiangAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringCyber physical systems, mobile and embedded systems, connected health and fitness, and building energyElectrical Engineering
Ethan Katz-BassettAssociate Research Professor in the Department of Electrical EngineeringImproving the reliability and performance of Internet services through the design of deployable systems. His research interests include Internet-scale distributed systems, Internet measurement, routing, and content deliveryElectrical Engineering
Dion KhodagholyAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringElectronics, materials, and neuroscience into more effective diagnostics and treatments for neuropsychiatric diseases, unique properties of materials, designing and developing novel electronic devices, biological substrates, fabrication of high-performance biocompatible electronicsElectrical Engineering
Peter KingetBernard J. Lechner Professor of Electrical Engineering and Department ChairDesign of analog, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits in nano-scale CMOS for CyberPhysical SystemsElectrical Engineering
Zoran KosticAssociate Professor of Professional PracticeMobile data systems, wireless communications, signal processing, multimedia, system-on-chip development, and applications of parallel computingElectrical Engineering
Harish KrishnaswamyAssociate Professor of Electrical EngineeringTheory and design of silicon-based radio-frequency (RF) and millimeter-wave integrated circuits and systemsElectrical Engineering
Ioannis KymissisAssociate Professor of Electrical EngineeringThin film semiconductors, Organic semiconductors, Displays, Sensors, Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Aurel A. LazarProfessor of Electrical EngineeringIn silico: neural encoding in and systems identification of sensory systems, principles of spike processing and massively parallel neural computation. In vivo: the olfactory system of the Drosophila, the nature of odor signal processing in the antennal lobe of the fruit fly.Electrical Engineering
Michal LipsonEugene Higgins Professor of Electrical EngineeringSilicon photonics, inventor of GHz silicon modulator, novel on-chip nanophotonics devices, novel micron-size photonic structures for light manipulation, light confining structures to slow down, enhance, and manipulate lightElectrical EngineeringApplied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Nima MesgaraniAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringElectrical engineeringElectrical Engineering
Debasis MitraProfessor of Electrical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
John W. PaisleyAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringGeneral area of statistical machine learning, probabilistic modeling and inference techniques, Bayesian nonparametric methods, dictionary learning and topic modelingElectrical Engineering
Matthias PreindlAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringDesign and control of power electronic and drive systems with primary focus on renewable-energy power plants and innovative transportation systemsElectrical Engineering
Amiya K. SenProfessor of Electrical Engineering and of Applied Physics and Applied MathematicsPlasma physics, fluctuations and anomalous transport in plasmas, control of plasma instabilities; Micro devices and Physical Principles, Electrical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringApplied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Mingoo SeokAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringLow power VLSI circuit, architecture and system design and methodology; Variation tolerant circuit and system design techniques; Power conversion circuit and system design; Cross-layer hardware design for emerging cyber physical system, ubiquitous computing, and biomedical applicationsElectrical Engineering
Ken ShepardLau Family Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Biomedical EngineeringIntegrated circuits and systems, Systems Biology : active CMOS microarray technology, asynchronous digital signal processors; Electrical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
James T. TeheraniAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringEmerging materials and devices (e.g. 2D transition metal dichalcogenides), strain engineering, high-mobility transistors, tunneling transistors (TFETs), and quantum device structuresElectrical Engineering
Yannis TsividisEdwin Howard Armstrong Professor of Electrical EngineeringAnalog and mixed-signal VLSI circuits and signal processing, Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
David VallancourtSenior Lecturer, Department of Electrical EngineeringAnalog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design for communications applicationsElectrical Engineering
Wen I. WangThayer Lindsley Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and Professor of Applied Physics and Applied MathematicsHeterogeneous materials integration, quantum semiconductor optoelectronics, photovoltaics, molecular beam epitaxy, Electrical Engineering, Applied PhysicsElectrical EngineeringApplied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Xiaodong WangProfessor of Electrical EngineeringSignal and information processing, Systems biology: statistical signal processing for genomics and proteomics; Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
John WrightAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringDeveloping tools for robustly recovering low-dimensional structure from non-ideal (corrupted, incomplete) high-dimensional observations, and apply them to solve problems in computer vision and signal processingElectrical Engineering
Charles ZukowskiProfessor and Department Vice Chair of Electrical EngineeringIntegrated circuits and systems, Systems Biology : hardware for simulation of gene regulatory networks; Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Gil ZussmanAssociate Professor of Electrical EngineeringWireless and mobile networks and systems, network algorithms, network resilience, cross-layer design, energy efficient networking, performance evaluationElectrical Engineering