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NameTitleAreas of ConcentrationDepartmentAdditional Affiliations
Alfred V. AhoLawrence Gussman Professor of Computer ScienceCompilers, programming languages, software engineering, algorithms, quantum computing, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Peter K. AllenProfessor of Computer ScienceRobotics, Computer Vision, 3D Modeling, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Alexandr AndoniAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceAlgorithmic foundations of massive data, sublinear algorithms (streaming and property testing), high-dimensional computational geometry, metric embeddings, and machine learningComputer Science
Peter BelhumeurProfessor of Computer ScienceComputer Vision, Biometrics, Face Regognition, Computational Photography, Computer Graphics, Biological Species Identification, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Steven M. BellovinPercy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer ScienceInternet security, computer security, privacy, information technology policy, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Allison BishopAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceCryptography, harmonic analysis, combinatorics, and distributed computingComputer Science
Paul S. BlaerLecturer in DisciplineRobotics, vision, sensor planning, 3D modeling, mobile computing, computer science educationComputer Science
David M. BleiProfessor of Computer ScienceStatistical machine learning; Bayesian statistics; applications to text, images, music, social networks, user behavior, and scientific dataComputer Science
Adam CannonSenior Lecturer in Discipline, Department of Computer ScienceComputer science education, machine learning, statistical pattern recognitionComputer Science
Luca CarloniProfessor of Computer Science Computer-Aided Design, Embedded Systems, Multi-Core Platform Architectures, Cyber-Physical Systems, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Augustin ChaintreauAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceMobile Computing, Social Network Applications, Networked Algorithms, computer scienceComputer Science
Xi ChenAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceAlgorithmic Game Theory And Economics, Complexity Theory, computer scienceComputer Science
Lydia ChiltonAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceHuman-computer interaction (HCI) with a focus on computational design, viewing the design process from a computational standpointComputer Science
Michael CollinsVikram S. Pandit Professor in Computer ScienceMachine learningComputer Science
Eleni DrineaLecturer in DisciplineInformation theory; network coding; randomized, online and approximation algorithms; network analysis; and dimensionality reduction techniquesComputer Science
Stephen A. EdwardsAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceEmbedded systems, domain-specific languages, compilers, hardware-software codesign, computer-aided design, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Yaniv ErlichAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceAlgorithms to extract genetic information embedded in social media and Web 2.0 databases, mapping vulnerabilities to genetic privacy, understanding repetitive elements in the genome to predisposition for common diseasesComputer Science
Steven K. FeinerProfessor of Computer ScienceComputer graphics and user interfaces, augmented reality and virtual environments, mobile and wearable computing, knowledge-based design of graphics and multimedia, computer games, information visualization, hypermedia, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Roxana GeambasuAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceDistributed Systems, The Web, Security And Privacy, Operating Systems, DatabasesComputer Science
Luis GravanoProfessor of Computer ScienceDatabases, Information Retrieval, Web Search, computer scienceComputer Science
Eitan GrinspunAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceComputer graphics and scientific computing, computational mechanics, mathematical foundations of graphics, discrete differential geometry, computer scienceComputer Science
Jonathan L. GrossProfessor of Computer ScienceComputational aspects of topological graph theory and knot theory, enumerative analysis, and combinatorial models.  Applications to network layouts on higher-order surfaces and to interactive computer-graphics of weaves and links, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Julia HirschbergDepartment Chair and Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer ScienceNatural language processing, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Daniel HsuAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceAlgorithmic statistics and machine learningComputer Science
Suman JanaAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceComputer security and privacy; automated tools for detecting and fixing security and privacy vulnerabilities. Computer Science
Tony JebaraAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceMachine Learning, Vision, graphs, Spatio-Temporal Modeling, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Gail E. KaiserProfessor of Computer ScienceSocial software engineering, collaborative work, privacy and security, software reliability, self-managing systems, parallel and distributed systems, Web technologies, information management, and software development environments and tools Computer Science
John R. KenderProfessor of Computer ScienceComputer vision; video understanding; visual user interfaces, medical image processing, artificial intelligence, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Angelos D. KeromytisAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceComputer and Network Security, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Martha KimAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceComputer Architecture, Hardware Systems, Hardware/Software Interaction and Parallel Hardware and Software Systems, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Jae Woo LeeSenior Lecturer in Discipline, Department of Computer ScienceComputer science education, networks, software engineering, clous computingComputer Science
Tal MalkinAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceCryptography, complexity theory, security, randomized algorithms, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Kathleen R. McKeownHenry and Gertrude Rothschild Professor of Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Summarization and Question Answering, Multimedia Systems, Digital Libraries, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Vishal MisraProfessor of Computer ScienceNetworking, with particular attention to net neutrality and the economics of the Internet; modeling and performance evaluation, information theoryComputer Science
Shree K. NayarT. C. Chang Professor of Computer ScienceComputer Vision, Computational Imaging, Computer Graphics, Robotics, Human-Computer Interfaces, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Jason NiehProfessor of Computer ScienceOperating systems, distributed systems, mobile computing, cloud computing, thin-client computing, performance evaluation, computer scienceComputer Science
Steven M. NowickProfessor of Computer Science and Electrical EngineeringAsynchronous and mixed timing circuits, computer-aided digital design, low-power and high-performance digital systems, Computer ScienceComputer ScienceElectrical Engineering
Christos PapadimitriouProfessor of Computer ScienceTheory of algorithms and complexity, and its applications to the study of databases, optimization, AI, the Internet, game theory, evolution, and the brain. Computer Science
Itsik Pe'erAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceComputational biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Dana Pe'erAssociate Professor of Biological SciencesUnderstanding the organization and function of molecular networksComputer Science
Kenneth A. RossProfessor of Computer ScienceDatabase systems, query processing and optimization, architecture-sensitive software, genetics, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Dan RubensteinAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceNeworking and Communications: performance evaluation of networked systems, peer-to-peer overlay networking, and network security, low-power networking, computer scienceComputer Science
Ansaf Salleb-AouissiLecturer in DisciplineMachine learning, data science, medical informatics, crowd sourcing and educational data miningComputer Science
Henning SchulzrinneJulian Clarence Levi Professor of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science; Professor of Electrical EngineeringComputer networks, multimedia systems, mobile and wireless systems, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, Computer ScienceComputer ScienceElectrical Engineering
Rocco A. ServedioProfessor of Computer ScienceComputational Learning Theory, Computational Complexity Theory, Randomized Algorithms, Machine Learning, Quantum Computation, Cryptography, Combinatorics, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Simha SethumadhavanAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceComputer Architecture, Hardware Security, Computer Science.Computer Science
Salvatore J. StolfoProfessor of Computer ScienceComputer Security and Privacy, Intrusion Detection Systems, Parallel Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Vladimir VapnikProfessor of Computer ScienceMachine learning, empirical inference, statistical learning theoryComputer Science
Nakul VermaLecturer in the Discipline of Computer ScienceMachine learning, high-dimensional statistics, data to design effective learning algorithmsComputer Science
Omri WeinsteinAssistant Professor of Computer Science Information theory, communication complexity, and their applications to computational complexity; data-structures and economics. Computer Science
Jeannette M. WingDirector of the Data Science Institute and professor of Computer ScienceCybersecurity and privacy, formal methods, and programming languagesComputer Science
Eugene WuAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceImproving the interface between users and data, and techniques borrows from fields such as data management, systems, crowd sourcing, visualization, and HCIComputer Science
Junfeng YangAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceOperating systems, software reliability, security, storage systems, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Mihalis YannakakisPercy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer ScienceAlgorithms, complexity theory, combinatorial optimization, databases, testing and verification, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Yechiam YeminiProfessor of Computer ScienceComputer networks, Computer ScienceComputer Science
Changxi ZhengAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceApplied computer science, focusing on computer graphics, scientific computing and roboticsComputer Science