Theresa Sgammato '84

Theresa Sgammato

Ms. Sgammato is chairman and CEO of ES3, a San Diego-based engineering company that provides high-end application software development and scientific method development for commercial industries and government agencies. It specializes in the engineering and design of aircraft components, systems, and subsystems; advanced material coatings for aerospace applications; metallurgical, hydraulic, and mechanical custom testing; computational methods for structural dynamic analysis; and the development of environmentally preferred material processes. The company has 110 employees and locations in San Diego, Utah, and Georgia.

Prior to co-founding ES3 in 2000, Ms. Sgammato worked for General Atomics, a nuclear energy research, development, and consulting company. Ms. Sgammato earned a BS in mechanical engineering from SEAS in 1984 and an MS in engineering physics from the University of California at San Diego.

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