Stanley Dicker, EngScD ’61

Dr. Stanley Dicker received his EngScD in mechanical engineering from Columbia SEAS in 1961. Shortly thereafter he began his long and varied career in the health care field. Presently, he owns and operates two nursing homes, a health homecare business, an adult day care center, an ambulatory surgical care center, and a comprehensive care center. He has dedicated his philanthropy to combining his interests in engineering and health care.

In 1996, he endowed the Stanley Dicker Professorship in Biomedical Engineering, held by Van C. Mow, founding chair of SEAS’s Department of Biomedical Engineering. He later es- tablished two scholarships for undergraduates majoring in biomedical engineering in honor of his father and mother, the Jack Dicker Scholarship and the Freda Dicker Scholarship.

Dr. Dicker explains his strong connection to Columbia SEAS, noting, “When I became a graduate student at SEAS, I had a family with two young daughters that I needed to support. SEAS helped me find a position as a research engineer at Columbia which allowed me to complete my doctoral studies.

“When I became able to do so, I decided to give back to the School that had made my educa- tion possible. I first created a professorship in biomedical engineering and later two scholar- ships for undergraduates. I am very proud to hear Dr. Mow introduced as the Stanley Dicker Professor of Biomedical Engineering; and I am always happy to meet and speak to the very talented students that my scholarships support. I am overwhelmed with the depth of knowl- edge the students possess and how well they articulate themselves to explain their interests in pursuing their careers.

"I am very grateful to Columbia for helping me and affording me the opportunity to create the professorship and scholarships.”

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