Senior Spotlights

Lauren Riddiford Lauren Riddiford:  “I never felt like I fit the stereotypical mold of an engineer. So I came to Columbia, where I could get a rigorous engineering education with some of the best professors in the country, but also take conservatory-caliber dance classes and be involved in nontechnical extracurriculars and live with people studying very different things.”
Chiara Vallini Chiara Vallini: “Columbia Engineering has definitely given me a wide range of quantitative, analytical, and interpersonal skills I’ll be able to apply on my future path, no matter what its course.”
Kelsey Nanan Kelsey Nanan:  “Applied math has been perfect for me because I had a lot of flexibility to make it the major I wanted it to be. I could choose tech electives from a wide range of fields, such as quantitative economics, and still have the core applied math courses to build on what I learned and improve my mathematical abilities.”
Drew Feldman Drew Feldman: “There are so many ways math can be used to solve meaningful problems, and an endless diversity of problems to be solved.”
Vikas Arun Vikas Arun: “To be surrounded by the smartest professors and students by day and the most accomplished dancers at night has been nothing but a roller coaster of a dream.”
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