Residential Life

The Residence Life, Advising Center, and Faculty-in-Residence programs provide a powerful and unique synergy in Columbia's residence halls. They offer students intellectual stimulation, social interaction, and cultural awareness - all important parts of a rewarding undergraduate experience. The success of these programs will continue to strengthen not only the sense of residential community that students enjoy, but also the academic and intellectual atmosphere of one of the world's preeminent educational institutions.

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Residential Programs and Faculty-in-Residence Program
The commitment to student life at Columbia has been strengthened in recent years by refocusing on the Residential Life System. The Residential Programs staff, supervised by the Assistant Dean for Residential Programs and consisting of professional staff and graduate students as well as selected undergraduates, contributes to the growth, well-being, and personal and intellectual development of students. The Residential Programs staff strives to enhance the quality of residential life by cultivating an atmosphere conducive to educational pursuits and the development of community within the student body. These contributions form an integral part of a Columbia education by stimulating mutual understanding and by fostering an atmosphere based on the appreciation of the differences and similarities characterizing such a diverse cultural community.

Also available in the residence halls is the well-known and highly successful program of Faculty-in-Residence, in which students, alumni, and faculty meet formally and informally throughout the year for conversations, guest speakers, and other activities. These faculty members and their families live in several of the residence halls throughout the year, establishing relationships and friendships with residents that often endure long after graduation. Resident professors invite students to dine in their apartments; organize special programs around issues of interest; provide opportunities for academic growth and challenges within the residence halls; and help students establish links with major cultural, political, and professional institutions in New York City.

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