Prof. Waltz Wins National Service Award

David L. Waltz, director of the Center for Computational Learning Systems, has won the Distinguished Service Award from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).
The award recognizes one individual each year for extraordinary service to the artificial intelligence (AI) community. Areas of service could include, but are not limited to: society service, service as an editor, conference organization, representation of AI in other organizations, or influential service as a government agency contract monitor or program director, resulting in positive effects on the field of AI.
“It's very gratifying,” Waltz says, “since I devoted time advising many organizations over the years: the CCC (Computing Community Consortium), NASA, Army Research Lab, AAAI (President, Executive Committee), NSF CISE Board, Boards of Journals  (longtime IEEE Intelligent Systems and others), ACM SIGART Chair), boards of 4C (Cork, Ireland), IHMC (Pensacola, FL), and others. I have been particularly interested in raising the quality of research and building relationships between organizations, and especially in advancing opportunities for women in computer science.”
The AAAI Awards Committee mentioned Waltz’s extraordinary and long-term technical and organizational leadership at both the community and individual levels, and the numerous AI scientists who have been directly touched in more personal ways by his insights, wisdom, and mentorship.
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