Prof. Carloni Wins Investigator Award

The Office of Naval Research has named Luca Carloni as one of 17 recipients of its 2010 Young Investigator Program, which invests in academic scientists and engineers who show exceptional promise for creative study.

Carloni is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science. Award recipients for the highly competitive program were selected from 211 proposal submissions. The winners will receive a three-year research grant up to $510,000. They were chosen based on a comprehensive evaluation that includes the applicant’s past performance, a creative research proposal and a long-term commitment from the recipient’s university.
Carloni’s winning proposal is titled “Proposal Title: Methods for System-level Design and Programming of Heterogeneous Embedded Multi-core Platforms.” He was recognized for his work in developing methods for design and programming of multi-core architecture platforms for embedded computing systems. 
“These are computing systems embedded in more complex physical systems as can be found in airplanes, cars, medical equipment, green buildings, and public infrastructures,” he says.
“The continuous progress in such enabling technologies as semiconductor electronics, wireless connectivity, and embedded software supports the production of a variety of computing elements such as processors, memories, sensors, and radios which are increasingly powerful and inexpensive. One of the results of this progress can be witnessed by anyone who observes the impressive success of personal mobile devices. The combination of the next generations of these components to realize future embedded systems will give rise to an era of Ubiquitous Computing that has the potential to benefit almost every aspect of our society.”
The challenge, Carloni says, is integrating the components.
“It is the combination of heterogeneity, concurrency, and distribution that makes embedded systems very difficult to design, program, and validate.”
The team leads at the System-Level Design Group is working on this very challenge.
Carloni says he is honored to join the distinguished group of researchers who have won the award and says it will be meaningful for his career and research.
“ONR support will be instrumental in advancing my research program on the design and programming of next-generation embedded computing systems, which will be based on multi-core system-on-chip platforms, and will allow me to undertake new inter-disciplinary research projects.”


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