Prof. Billinge Wins Hanawalt Award

This figure above is a plan we have, Billinge says, for solving the structure of complex nanostructured materials using a multi-dimensional approach called "Complex Modeling" where we combine multiple information sources together to constrain a unique structural solution. It was published in The Nanostructure Problem, by Simon J. L. Billinge, Physics 3, 25 (2010).

Professor Simon J. L. Billinge has won the J.D. Hanawalt Award for his contribution to the field of powder diffraction.
The award is named for J. Donald Hanawalt, whose pioneering work in the 1930's led to the development of the PDF database structure and search/match procedures still in use today. The International Center for Diffraction Data gives the award every three years. Awardees are chosen by the Hanawalt Award Selection Committee, which is comprised of past recipients.

Simon J. L. Billinge

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“It is enormously gratifying to be honored by the community for my contributions,” says Billinge, who is a professor in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. “I feel like my work impacts many other people's research since we are making new methods for characterizing nanostructure in materials and then giving these methods back to the research community to use. However, it is quite special to be honored by the community for this. It is like being told, ‘yes, we recognize and appreciate these contributions.’”
Billinge says this is important because many newly discovered materials of interest in energy, environmental and other technological applications contain nanometer scale structures and need these new methods to be understood.
The award is granted jointly with Takeshi Egami, who was Billinge’s Ph.D. thesis adviser 18 years ago at the University of Pennsylvania. Egami is now a distinguished scientist/professor and interim director of the Joint-Institute for Neutron Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
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