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150th Anniversary Symposium: Columbia's Engineering Renaissance

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Elmer Gaden. Global Health: Mass Production of Antibiotics / Precision Medicine: Pioneering Genome Technology
Venkat Venkatasubramanian, Samuel Ruben–Peter G. Viele Professor of Engineering...


Herman Hollerith. Data Science: The 1890 Census / Data Science: Transforming the 21st Century

Shree Nayar
T. C. Chang Professor Of Computer Science

Chris H. Wiggins


William Barclay Parsons. Building Connections / Smart, Secure, Sustainable Cities
Raimondo Betti, Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Andrew Smyth, Professor of...


Colin Fink. Pioneering Electrochemistry / Computation and Materials Discovery
Alan C. West, Samuel Ruben–Peter G. Viele Professor of Electrochemistry and Professor of Chemical Engineering...


Raymond Mindlin. Frontiers of Engineering Science / Frontiers of Molecular Engineering
Jeffrey Kysar, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Latha Venkataraman, Associate Professor of...

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