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Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

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Learn about the fields of study available in Columbia Engineering's Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Materials Science and Engineering master's programs.


Find out more about Columbia Engineering's Medical Physics specialities and how the master's program combines resources from Columbia University Medical Center and the Department of Applied...


APAM attracts students interested in both mathematics and physics. Students here learn how to synthesize the fundamental ways in which the world works with practical applications that make...


SEAS faculty discuss career opportunities in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.


The Department of Applied Physics and Applied Math explores fundamental areas of research in science and technology - this video provides an overview of this wide and flexible areas of study.

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    Want to learn what students think and feel about their education here? Watch and listen.

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    Students and faculty here share an intense focus on research in the three fields of study. Students have many opportunities to work with faculty on research ...

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    The major research in the department extends beyond the limits of this space. Watch the video at right for an introduction to the wide array of research unde...

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    Professional courses at APAM include Physics of the Human Body, which provides students with a broad understanding of a range of physical ideas, how to apply them and how to model them in ...

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    Faculty describe the interdisciplinary relationship between the three fields in this department as its core strength, as it better prepares students to be problem solvers.

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    Professors describe how students navigate the advising program and how faculty help them construct their academic program to better prepare themselves for fu...

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