Photo Gallery: Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium and Fair

Students who participated in summer research programs at Columbia, other domestic universities, and internationally, had the opportunity to showcase their work at the first Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium and Fair held Sept. 27. 

Several members of faculty also made brief presentations to the audience on the work that they are engaged in within their departments. Computer Science Professor Shih-Fu Chang, Electrical Engineering Professor John Kymissis and mechanical engineering graduate student Mehmet Yilmaz were among the presenters. The event was open to all students and was attended by well over 100 people. It was co-sponsored by the Engineering Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Global Programs and the Engineering Student Council.

Click here to see a full program and abstracts on the research projects presented.

Back row, from left: Prashanta Kharel ’13, Electrical Engineering, Ari Turkiewicz ’15, Chemical Engineering, Haris Durrani’15, Applied Physics, Angel Say ’13, Mechanical Engineering, Julian Haimovich ’13, Applied Math, Tanay Doctor ’15, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Andrew Pope’15, Computer Science, Christina Hernandez ’14, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Ruchir Khaitan ’15, Computer Engineering; Middle row: Elyse Shapiro ’14, Biology, Claire Duvallet ’13, Biomedical Engineering, Radhe Patel ’15, Chemical Engineering, Elizabeth Murray ’13, Chemical Engineering, Andrew Mercer-Taylor ’15, Computer Science, Esha Maharishi ’15, Computer Science, Jeremy Jones ’14, Chemical Engineering, Claire Kao ’14, Civil Engineering; Front row:  Veronica Reynolds  ’14, Materials Science, Kendra Windsor ’13, Chemical Engineering, Kathleen Tatem ’13, Applied Physics, Connie Phung ’15, Mechanical Engineering, N.H. Diane Kim ’14, Biomedical Engineering.
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