Omar Haroun - TEDxColumbiaEngineering - 11/29/11

"Are MBA's Persons?"
Filmed November 29, 2011 - Miller Theatre, Columbia University, NYC

Omar Haroun is a MBA/JD candidate at Columbia University and a graduate of Oxford University and University of California Berkeley. Currently, Omar is CEO and Founder of Sportaneous, a company whose mission is to make it easier for people to exercise in the ways that they most enjoy. The Sportaneous platform combines a database of fitness activities with intelligence about a user's location, schedule, social graphs, and preferences to make exercising convenient and social. Omar recently received the 'Champions of Change Award' from the United States White House for his work in applying technological innovation to a public health solution. A serial social entrepreneur, Omar has started several organizations throughout his life, and plans to start several more. When Omar is not working he can be found playing basketball, promoting entrepreneurship, eating good food, or reading/discussing philosophy, economics, psychology, or technology.

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