Young Alumni Share Why They Support Giving Day

On October 26, the Columbia University community came together to give back to alma mater through a focused, 24-hour fundraising drive. This effort incorporates schools, programs, and initiatives into a unified effort to enhance awareness and support of Columbia University fundraising. To achieve this goal, the Trustees set up a $400,000 matching pool to encourage a competitive spirit amongst the schools across campus. Thanks to the generosity of Columbia Engineering alumni, friends, students, parents, faculty, and staff the School received $1,354,172 in gifts!

In addition to the money raised directly from donations, Columbia Engineering brought in additional matching funds from the Trustees thanks to the School’s performance in various giving challenges. One of the areas that the School particularly excelled in was overall total dollar amount raised. Compared to the other schools and institutes, Columbia Engineering ranked fourth out of twenty-two in this category.

To see the outcomes of all the different challenges visit the Giving Day Leaderboards Page.

Every donor to Columbia Engineering has his or her own unique story and motivation for giving. Morgan Strauss ’14 was one of the many young alumni who used Giving Day as an opportunity to give back to the school that had given them so much. Morgan says, “I chose to support SEAS on Giving Day because it allows me to show my appreciation for the education and experience I received and will allow me to contribute to the experiences of other students in the future.” Morgan completed her B.S. in operations research in 2014 and is now a senior analyst at American Express.

Leonard Robinson ‘13, who received his B.S. in electrical engineering, chose to support the School because of its dedication to improving the condition of humanity. Leonard says, “I give on Giving Day because Columbia Engineering's advances in medicine, communications and technology make opportunities every day - opportunities for a better earth.” Leonard also holds an M.S. in electrical and computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and currently works as a manufacturing engineer for GE Healthcare.

Madison Friedman ’15 was another young alumnus who is inspired by the potential of the student body. He says, "I gave back to Columbia because I know firsthand that a donation to SEAS represents a savvy investment in the human capital of its students. Students will leverage your investment by benefiting society through research, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy thus completing the virtuous cycle." Madison completed the SEAS 3/2 program and now hold a B.S. in chemical engineering from the Engineering School and a B.A. in economics from Claremont McKenna College. He currently works as a data engineer at Atlassian Incorporated.

Overall the University received 14,269 gifts and raised over $14.5M dollars which will have broad impact across the campus. Every gift, no matter the size, will aid Columbia in its mission to change lives and change the world. Whatever your reason for giving, we hope you will join us for #ColumbiaGivingDay in 2017! 

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