Dean Boyce Shares Engineering For Humanity Vision in Beijing

Watch a clip of Dean Boyce's interview with CETV.
—Video courtesy of CETV

Dean Mary Boyce hosted a special panel event for current and prospective Columbia students and alumni in Beijing on June 23. The event showcased Columbia Engineering for Humanity and the contributions that Engineering faculty are making in the world today, with a focus on solutions that will have a major impact in China.

Dean Boyce was joined by Senior Executive Vice Dean Shih-Fu Chang and Professors Jingyue Ju and Yuan Yang, who presented their research in areas as diverse as algorithms to quickly find and authenticate visual content, electronic methods for analyzing genomes and enabling personalized medicine, and advances in creating solid-state lithium batteries that are sustainable, safe, and effective. From Tsinghua University, Computer Science and Technology Professor Shiqiang Yang and Professor Jing Cheng from biomedical engineering also participated.

The panelists discussed the new vision for Columbia Engineering, the impact of their engineering research on humanity, and Columbia’s actions and accomplishments in this direction. They then opened up the discussion to questions from students, alumni, and parents in the audience.

Close to 50,000 people viewed the presentation online in addition to the event attendees. Dean Boyce was interviewed by CETV, and shared her objective to encourage more students to choose engineering as a means to contribute to society:

“Getting educated in math and science and engineering is propelling society and is propelling their future, the future of our planet, the future of our connectivity to one another across the globe, and how we can actually bring a better life to humanity,” said Dean Boyce. “This is a very important societal message that I hope is inspiring to young people everywhere.”

Free and open to scholars and the public, the event was hosted by Columbia’s Global Center in Beijing.

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