May 2014 e-Newsletter

Columbia Engineering
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May 2014 Highlights
Full section of a tissue construct with cartilage at the top and bone substrate underneath. The blue stain marks proteoglycan, one of the two key components of cartilage, and red marks the nuclei of the cells. (Image courtesy of Sarindr Bhumiratana/Columbia Engineering)
Researchers at Columbia Engineering have successfully grown fully functional human cartilage in vitro from human stem cells derived from fat tissue.
Morningside Campus
In honor of the School's 150th anniversary, Dean Boyce has put forward a challenge: 150 alumni marchers in the Parade of Classes on SEAS Class Day. Help us reach our goal!
Morningside Campus
Registration for Alumni Reunion Weekend is open. Register before May 4 to receive a 10% discount on all Reunion events!
Morningside Campus
Alumni not celebrating a Reunion this year are invited to return to campus for Dean’s Day activities, including lectures, luncheons, panels, and more. Sign up now to reserve your spot!
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