Living in New York

Columbia University recommends a number of hotels in New York City [more]

On-Line Guides to Entertainment & More
Broadway, Off-Broadway, art, cultural events, museums, clubs, nightlife, poetry readings, opera, dance, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing and more!

Moviefone / 777-Film "Hello! and welcome to moviefone. If you know the name of movie you'd like to see..."

News, arts and entertainment, sports, financial news, and more!

Time Out
You knew Time Out was the definitive guide to entertainment, exhibits, cultural and literary events, but did you know they also cover accommodations, shopping and restaurants?

Village Voice
Grass roots guide to life to New York City.

Zagat Guide to Restaurants
Eat your way from the Village to Morningside Heights!


Guides to Life in NYC

New York City Culture Guide and Calendar
From the Alliance for the Arts, this enormous database of cultural organizations allows searching by name, location, type of event, and includes a 'kids cultural calendar.'

New York Now
This whimsical site serves as a comprehensive guide to city news and life, with an emphasis on entertainment. Sections include 'smitten personals,' 'urban toolkit' and 'stardusted'.

The New York City Insider
In a magazine format, this site offers articles and features, including practical tips on living in New York and photographs of New York scenes and various landmarks.

Paper Magazine's Guide to New York City
This hip site offers easy access to the inside scoop on music, shopping, clubs, food, books and other city diversions. A good way to orient yourself to the city's social side.

Total New York
A cutting edge design that parses the world of New York into nine sections: fashion, life, music, photography, city, media, restaurants, calendar and urban access (apparently in priority order).

The Paperless Guide to New York
A comprehensive resource, this "nuts and bolts" guide offers practical insights on all you'll need to know about New York. Includes information on transportation, hotels, events, post offices and just about everything else you'd like to know.

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