Jonathan Kyle PhD'12 ME

Jonathan Kyle discovered his knack for engineering as a young child, when his parents bought him a toy roller coaster set – unassembled in a box, of course.

“It took me months to construct,” says Kyle, ’12 PhD Mechanical Engineering / Energy and Tribiology. “When I was done, it really worked, and the car would go down the hill and do a loop-de-loop and come back to rest. I realized then I wanted to build and engineer things after that.”

Since then, the 22-year-old from Rochester has continued to look onward and upward. One of hiis career ambitions is to become an astronaut. Kyle applied to Columbia SEAS for many reasons, but primarily because of its prestige, research funding and world-class researchers.

Jonathan Kyle

Age: 22

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Favorite Band/Artists: Jay-Z

Favorite Movie: Cinema Paradiso

Favorite spot in NYC: Flying over in a plane. You really get to see the majesty of the city from up there.

Hobbies: Photography

So far, his most memorable course has been Mobile Robot Design.

“The whole course was devoted to create a robot to land on the moon, navigate around, and send back HD video of the Apollo 11 landing site (for the Google Lunar X-Prize),” he says. “I was on the business team and was responsible for raising funds.”

That experience should come in handy for his other career ambition: owning his own business.

“I have learned a lot in a short period of time that I know will become useful in the future.”

 Posted: June 30, 2009

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