Res. Inc.

The Engineering-Entrepreneurship Residential Initiative (Res. Inc.) seeks to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by creating a residential community of engineering students interested in starting a business venture. Res. Inc., promotes experimentation and entrepreneurial thinking by establishing an environment for students to share ideas, develop programs and products, identify potential markets, and promote their ideas. The residence hall setting enables immersive learning and entrepreneurial collaboration. Res. Inc. provides its students with access to faculty and professionals in the fields that they are working on, entrepreneurship training, and internship opportunities to help further their projects and career goals. 

The Venture Competition and the Summer Startup Session:

  • We are now accepting submissions for the Fifth Annual Columbia Engineering Venture Competition
  • You are expected through your business teams to participate in this competition.  You can continue your fall business idea or submit a new idea for the competition.
  • Business plan summaries are due February 7th.
  • Register today!
  • The prize pool is $25,000.

Summer Start-up Session:

Undergraduate SEAS competitors who do not make it into the second round will be automatically entered into the SEAS Undergraduate Track.  The winner of the SEAS undergraduate track will receive a slot in the SEAS Summer Start-up Session (S3) where a limited number of students will receive free room and board and a small stipend.  These teams will be given mentorship and will be allowed to stay on campus during the summer session so they can develop their ideas into viable businesses.

Read more about S3 here (pdf)

The Living-Learning Center

Located within the Living-Learning Center (LLC) housed in Harltley and Wallach Halls, 45 first-year students and 28-upper classmen residents will have the opportunity to participate in this unique program. For more information about the LLC, please visit:

500 W. 120th St., Mudd 510, New York, NY 10027    212-854-2993