Herbert Chase - TEDxColumbiaEngineering - 11/29/11

"Machines and Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Medical Practice"
Filmed November 29, 2011 - Miller Theatre, Columbia University, NYC

For over thirty years, Herbert Chase, MD, MA, has been teaching clinical medicine and basic science to medical students, interns and residents, and junior and senior faculty at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is a board certified Internist and Nephrologist who spent the early part of his career as a basic scientist. After shifting his interest from research to education, he directed and participated in several major medical school courses. In 2000 he left Columbia University and was appointed the first Deputy Dean for Education at Yale School of Medicine where he introduced several major programmatic changes. In 2006 he returned to Columbia to enter the Masters program in Biomedical Informatics as an NLM-funded Post Doctoral Fellow. Dr. Chase has been recognized for his outstanding teaching with many awards including the Presidential Teaching Award of Columbia University.

Dr. Chase is currently a Professor of Clinical Medicine involved in several research projects: developing informatics methods to detect chronic kidney disease in its earliest stages; developing just-in-time information-retrieval systems for clinicians at the point of care; implementing strategies for pharmacovigilance operating through the electronic medical record (EHR); and creation of a patient record summary in the EHR. He is the Principle Investigator on a $3.7 million grant, funded through the Office of the National Coordinator, for University-Based Training of Health Information Technology Professionals. He is also a medical advisor to the IBM team developing the medical version of Watson. He continues to develop new medical educational programs at Columbia: he is now implementing a four-year curriculum in medical decision-making and a capstone course in Biomedical Informatics.

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