Harry Yudenfriend: IBM Fellow

Alumni PhotoHarry Yudenfriend was named one of nine new IBM Fellows at the annual Corporate Technical Recognition Event in Phoenix, AZ. His contributions and leadership earned him IBM’s most prestigious technical designation.

Harry works on large computer system design, specifically IBM’s System z mainframes. He is the lead technologist for mainframe input-output (I/O) that enables mainframes to handle huge numbers of incoming user requests and send out data to each of them, as in bank online transaction processing or Internet serving.

As the lead technologist for System z I/O, Harry developed and implemented a road map that has allowed consistent data growth, performance improvements, enhanced resilience, continuous availability, increased scale and improved efficiency. In particular, he was cited for his work that improved the server/storage synergy and increased the scale and intelligent management of devices attached to IBM System z.

Harry is an inventor of HyperSwap and Dynamic I/O Reconfiguration Management for continuous availability, HyperPAV for improved efficiency and simplification and extended addressability volumes for increased scale, all of which added to the total of 90 patents issued or pending to his name.

A member of the IBM Poughkeepsie Academy of Technology Affiliate, was named a Master Inventor in Poughkeepsie in 2001, and mentors an invention farming team. He also participates in the U.S. Patent Office’s Peer Mentoring Program and is an industry-recognized expert in System z I/O architecture.

His appointment as an IBM Fellow was announced by Samuel Palmisano, chairman and CEO of IBM. IBM Fellows have the freedom to pursue creative achievements, typically working on special projects or research initiatives that lead the company in exciting new directions. Their innovative work is responsible for creating ideas and opportunities that not only impact the future of IBM, but the entire industry and beyond. Fellows serve as role models and mentors to the broad IBM technical community, and are automatically inducted into the IBM Academy of Technology.

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