Greek University Honors Professor Tsividis

Batchelor Memorial Professor of Electrical Engineering Yannis Tsividis (left) with University of Patras President Y. Panagiotakis.

Batchelor Memorial Professor of Electrical Engineering Yannis Tsividis has added yet another academic accolade. This time, it comes from his home country of Greece.

The University of Patras has named Tsividis an honorary professor in its Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, a distinction rarely given by the university. Tsividis received the honor in May from University of Patras President Y. Panagiotakis.

“It is the first honor I have received from my country of birth,” Tsividis said, “and I appreciate it very much.”

The citation for the award is in ancient Greek. Following the presentation from the president at the ceremony, Tsividis delivered a lecture titled, “Creativity and Education in Engineering – The Microelectronics Example.”

Tsividis has won many awards during his career, including the Education Award in 2010 from the Circuits and Systems Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), where he is also a Life Fellow, and the Gustav Robert Kirchoff Award in 2007 from the same society.

At Columbia, he has won several teaching awards, including the Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award in 2010 and in 1998 from the Columbia Engineering Alumni Association, the 2003 Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching, and the 1991 Great Teacher Award from the Columbia Alumni Association. In his research, starting with the first fully integrated MOS (metal–oxide–semiconductor) operational amplifier, which he demonstrated in 1976, he has done extensive work in analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and signal processing at the device, circuit, system, and computer simulation level.

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