Extraordinary Teaching Assistant Award - Fall 2011

Below are the names of each recipient of the award, followed by the course and instructor.

  • Yupeng Chen, E3106.1: Introduction To Stochastic Models, Ward Whitt
  • Ryan Cooper, E3018.1: Mechanical Engineering Lab I, Daniel J. Beeby, Jeffrey Kysar
  • Emilio Garcia Cota, W4824.1: Computer Architecture, Luca Carloni
  • Yitian Gu, E6761.1: Computer Communications Networks, Nicholas Maxemchuk
  • Justyna Weronika Kosianka, E1115.1: Engineering Graphics, Jose Sanchez
  • David Dongjoon Lee, E2261.1: Intro To Accounting & Finance, Anthony C. Webster
  • Roel Daniel Mercado, E4300.1: Chemical Engineering Control, Aghavni Bedrossian-Omer, Alan West
  • Ashley Gaia Nagel, E1201.1: Intro-Electrical Engineering, David Vallancourt
  • Timothy Richard Olsen, E3100.1: Intro To Mechanics Of Fluids, Jung-Chi Liao
  • Aryeh Reinstein, E3301.1: Thermodynamics, Ines M. Basalo
  • Jose Martinez Santiago, E4252.1: Intro-Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Ponisseril Somasundaran
  • Yunde Shi, E6601.1: Intro To Control Theory, Richard Longman
  • Brian Anthony Smith, W4731.1: Computer Vision, Shree Nayar
  • Mendi Sui, E2261.1: Intro To Accounting & Finance, Anthony C. Webster
  • Aya Wallwater, E4404.1: Simulation, Jose Blanchet
  • Shen Wang, W4444.1: Programming & Problem Solving, Kenneth Ross
  • Joseph Lai-Man Woo, E3110.1: Transport Phenomena I, Michael Hill
  • Don Yu, W1004.1: Intro-Computer Science Program In Java, Adam Cannon
  • William Zhuang, E4003.1: Industrial Economics, Ali Sadighian


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