Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor
This 15-credit interdisciplinary minor, which combines Columbia Engineering and Business School courses, is offered to Columbia Engineering students interested in creating and developing new technologies and associated business ventures.
The business courses allow students to gain a fundamental understanding of financial management and market strategies. The engineering and technology classes provide students with a focused look at the development and diffusion of new technologies from both a commercial and social perspective.
Several courses allow students to work on either their own new technology ideas or those of local entrepreneurs. The minor is structured so that students with viable ideas can work on project or venture development during each academic year, culminating with their senior capstone project.
Entrepreneurship Minor Requirements
Minimum: 15 points
Required courses
  • IEOR E2261: Introduction to Accounting and Finance (3.0 points)
  • IEOR E4998: Managing Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3.0 points)
Electives—three of the following courses:
  • BIOT W4180: Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
  • BMEN E3998: Projects in Biomedical Engineering
  • BUSI W3021: Marketing and Marketing Management

  • CHEN E4020: Protection of Industrial and Business Property
  • CIEN E4136: Global Entrepreneurship in Civil Engineering
  • COMS W4444: Programming and Problem Solving
  • COMS W4460: Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • CSOR W4561: Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
  • ECON E4280: Corporate Finance
  • IEME E4310: The Manufacturing Enterprise
  • IEOR E4003: Industrial Economics
  • IEOR E4205: Studies in Operations Research
  • IEOR E4308: Industrial Budgeting and Finance Control
  • IEOR E4403: Advanced Engineering and Corporate Economics
  • IEOR E4510: Project Management
  • IEOR E4550: Entrepreneurial Business Creation for Engineers
  • IEOR E4573: Design and Agile Project Management (Fall Semester, by application only)
  • IEOR E4573: Lean LaunchPad (Spring semester, by application only with advisor approval)
  • SCNC W3010: Science, Technology, and Society or URBS V3310: Science and Technology in Urban Environments (but not both)

For questions, contact Adina Brooks, IEOR Undergraduate Program Coordinator, at

Additional entrepreneurship courses offered this semester include:

Launching New Ventures with Owen Davis (Tech Focused)
Owen Davis is teaching a special section on LNV (B7519) that is open to all MBA, EMBA, and Engineering students. The course will be held on Thursday evenings from 6 PM to 9 PM. Students from both the Engineering School and Business School will be able to come together and explore the creation of tech-focused ventures.

Contact Sheena S. Iyengar for more information.

500 W. 120th St., Mudd 510, New York, NY 10027    212-854-2993