Carla Stone: Honorary Degree Recipient and USAID Program Manager

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Carla Stone ’73, ’74 was honored by the University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania, with an honorary doctor degree, their Gold Medal of Honor, and a special Commendation for her work in that country. During special ceremonies in late August, she received these honors “as recognition of her remarkable contribution to the development of Romania-USA relationship in the domain of veterinary education and science.”

Carla, who directs International Programs and Partnerships in the Office of the President of Delaware Technical & Community College, led a wide-ranging avian influenza response project in Romania with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program included establishing a new diploma program and training center at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to train veterinarians and others who work in Romania’s public and private animal disease, food safety, environmental health, and animal welfare laboratories. The program is closely based on the Medical Laboratory Technology degree program at Delaware Technical & Community College. “The program has fundamentally changed how Romania will plan for and implement projects for disease prevention and response,” said Carla.

She has spent much time in Eastern Europe, delivering technical assistance for Delaware Tech. She was program manager for a multi-year USAID project to establish the Bulgarian Water and Wastewater Operators Training Center, the first in Eastern Europe. It provided training for operators, supervisors and engineers from plants across Bulgaria. Carla conducted the first country-wide needs analysis to establish the greatest areas of training deficits and support at plants throughout Bulgaria. She worked with Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament and other officials to develop a regulatory framework for improved training of these crucial environmental workers. She also produced a documentary with the Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters: Clean Water=Quality of Life. This film has been shown in both Bulgaria and the US.

In Croatia, Carla developed collaboration with the University of Zagreb to provide Master’s level instruction of environmental sector managers in project management, health and safety management and corporate systems of environmental management. Currently, she manages a program to establish a network of Romanian Water Training Centers with Romanian instructors, utilizing Delaware Tech’s curriculum and teaching methods. The Romanian avian influenza program was an outgrowth of Delaware Tech’s original work on avian influenza prevention and response for Kosovo.
Prior to joining Delaware Tech, Carla developed and was country manager for USAID’s first technical assistance program in Bulgaria during the early 1990s. Before that, she developed and implemented the Soviet Union’s experiment in American style business management education for the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations’ Higher Commercial Management School. Carla has also worked in China and the Middle East. Closer to home, she worked in the US energy sector as an underground coal mining engineer as well as financial expert.

Ironically, Columbia connections were responsible for Carla’s first visit to Bulgaria in the mid-1980s. The late Prof. Stefan Boshkov, chairman of the Henry Krumb School of Mines, was born in Bulgaria. "He brought a Bulgarian student, Georgi Zahariev, PhD’73, who is my closest friend from my Mining School days. I first came to visit him in the mid-1980s when I was in the area (if teaching in the Soviet Union can count as in the area). When I lived in Sofia, we saw each other frequently, and our families continue to be very close”.

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