BME Students Win Silver at Design Contest

The team's video for the Biomod Jamboree 2011
A team of Biomedical Engineering students won a silver award at BIOMOD2011, an international bio-molecular design competition held recently in Boston.
Andrew Ghazi (BME 2013), Elyse Shapiro (Barnard 2014), and Parnika Agrawal (IIT Kanpur 2012) competed as BME’s “Motor Pro-Team" against 21 other undergraduate teams from Europe, Asia, and the US.
The BME team developed a design over the summer for an improved biomolecular transport system and at BIOMOD they presented their results, demonstrated successful completion of the Project wiki and video, and had at least one device that was part of their system working as expected.
"Biomod was an extremely rewarding experience—I learned about realms of biomedical engineering and nanotechnology that I didn’t know existed,” Shapiro said.
“Aspects of the knowledge I acquired from the other presentations will give me insight into the creativity and innovation necessary in biomedical engineering research. Most of the teams had ideas that, if successful, could revolutionize modern medicine. I hope to compete in BIOMOD next year."
Clockwise from top left, Elyse Shapiro, Andrew Ghazi, Parnika Agrawal, and Professor Henry Hess.
"Getting together with junior researchers and their mentors from all over the world showcasing their biomolecular designs was a unique experience,” said Henry Hess, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, who mentored the team with postdoctoral researcher Rodney Agayan.
“Serving as one of the judges, I was more than impressed by the variety of structures and applications. We plan to compete again in future years and demonstrate creativity and skill in assembling biomolecules into purposeful structures."
The November competition was the inaugural event for BIOMOD, which was organized by Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering to help undergraduates master control of biomolecules on the nanometer scale through team competitions.
Students formed teams in the spring and then designed, built, and analyzed their systems during the summer. All teams converged at the Wyss Institute on November 5 to present their work at the Jamboree.
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