Arya Popescu

Mihai Radu Popescu

Arya Popescu is an international student from Constanta, Romania. Her first love was physics, and she participated every year in the National Physics Olympiads. During high school, Arya wrote "Speeding Through Haskell" and co-authored "Towards an Early Profitable PowerSat, Part II". She also participated in a biochemistry summer camp, and her team won first prize at the NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest.

After coming to Columbia, Arya worked in the Robotics and Rehabilitation Lab for a semester, then went to Recurse Center where she immersed herself in advanced programming projects. She is now working in the Electrical Engineering department, developing new experiments for the Circuits Analysis lab course.

Arya's driving force throughout her life has been her fascination with engineering disasters. She spends her free time reading about various accidents, and her favorite TV show is "Air Disasters". She is particularly captivated by the interaction between human factors and engineering design to create the perfect storm. Her hope is to make a difference as a safety engineer—and she believes getting a mechanical engineering degree at Columbia is a great first step.

Outside of classes, Arya pursues her creative side with photography and video game commentary. She is also strongly involved in the local LGBT community, and is working behind the scenes to help other trans* students at Columbia have a smoother college experience.

500 W. 120th St., Mudd 510, New York, NY 10027    212-854-2993