Getting Involved in the Fund


Alumni, parents, students, and friends come together each year to ensure that the Engineering Fund reaches its goal through their own financial contributions and also by working as volunteers to encourage others to give as well. When you solicit on behalf of the Engineering Fund, you are working in collaboration with a large network of volunteers.
Regardless of how you might be involved with the Engineering Fund, the most important elements of service are to make your own gift first, advocate for the mission and priorities of the School, and encourage your peers to join you in giving. Feel free to contact us via email for more information.
Engineering Development Council
EDC members focus on raising support for the Engineering Fund at the highest levels of the Dean’s Leadership Society. They encourage their fellow alumni to consider leading the way for the Fund by committing annual support of $5,000 or more. 
Engineering Fund Agents
Alumni soliciting their peers on behalf of the Engineering Fund are known as Engineering Fund Agents. These alumni span all class years and even include current students on the Senior Fund Committee. Fund Agents are strongly encouraged to consider a Dean’s Leadership Society commitment, though a personally meaningful gift is what is most important.
Reunion Committees
Every five years, each class celebrates a reunion. The year of your Class’s reunion is a special time to deepen and renew your connection to Columbia Engineering. During reunions, classes embark on a special fundraising drive to show support for the School and to honor the role their Columbia education has had in their lives. The work of Fund Agents during reunion years is especially important to the School’s success.
Young Alumni Agents
As alumni transition into the alumni community from their time as students, there is special attention placed on educating them about the importance of their support for the Engineering Fund. Young Alumni Agents work with their peers in the first 10-years after graduation to encourage participation in the Fund.
Parents Council
Parents of students and alumni serve as ambassadors for the School, act as liaisons between the Engineering Dean and the parent community, and advance the mission and priorities of the School through raising support for the Parents Fund.
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